We offer training to educate and provide knowledge necessary to work toward recognizing human trafficking issues, freeing victims of human trafficking, providing intervention, recovery and bringing traffickers to justice. ​

Our online courses will equip students to take a real stand against this global issue. Our trainers are available to come in-person to train and provide a complete workshop. Or you are welcome to take and earn your certifications in our week by week online programs. Certifications will be emailed to you.​

We are survivors, Sharing our real life experiences to raise awareness and knowledge. 

Earn your certification and become a Certified Anti Human Trafficking Advocate or a Certified Facilitator

Hi, I’m Nicole McCall

As a survivor of Human Trafficking, I have made it my mission to help raise awareness to communities across the world of this horrific crime to bring an end to it. I provide peer support to Commercially Sexually Exploited Children & Adults

We created this online course for those of you who want to learn more ways to help end Human Trafficking. This course will equip you with the knowledge to save a life.

Hi, I'm Tatiana Yoguez

Using my story as a prevention tool to help save the lives of those that may be at risk of or have fallen victim to sex trafficking. As a survivor, I share my expert knowledge to educate and empower.

Take our course and learn from survivors.