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This certification program will equip you with the knowledge to start your own non profit organization and work as an advocate for human trafficking survivors.

Online Course

We have created this course for any one who is ready to take a real stand against human trafficking. You don't have to be law enforcement or a health care worker to take this course. We encourage all including parents and caregivers to take this course in order to teach and prevent children from entering into the life of sex trafficking.

Human Trafficking is modern day slavery that occurs in nearly every country in the world. This course provides real life experience and knowledge from a survivor. We aim to educate individuals in all backgrounds on how to identify trafficked victims and what to do if you spot it in your community.

In this course you will develop new skills and build expertise in the area of Human Trafficking to update your professional profile & broaden your knowledge base on this issue. This certification program will equip you you and strengthen community efforts to combat all aspects of human trafficking and exploitation.

Online Learning

We have designed this online course for your convenience. Learn and earn your certification from the comfort of your home.

In Person Training

Our trained facilitators can travel to present the course materials to your team for an in person training. At the end of the course presented, your team will be granted their certifications.

Large Conference

Nicole McCall & Tatiana Yoguez have been asked to speak at many large conferences across the nation to share their story.

Our team can come to present these course materials live in person at large or small conferences.

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Certified Anti Human Trafficking Advocate

Help to raise awareness in your community and earn your certification to become an advocate for human trafficking victims

Who is this course for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Healthcare Staff
  • Flight Attendants
  • Teachers/ School Faculty
  • Parents/ Caregivers
  • Support groups
  • Uber Drivers
  • Truck drivers
  • College / High school students
  • Members of the community